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From the owner’s diary…

…I want the dog, big dog, special, it should be not like dog as other people have. I have to be sure — it will protect me and my family. It will become the friend to my older daughter and soft nanny to my future younger daughter.

I want the dog, which will be embellishment and protection to my suburban house at the same time… And I found it in Pyrenean mountains…


Фото пиренейского мастифа Pyrenean mastiff with chaild Pyrenean mastiff

Some years ago we couldn’t find pyrenean mastiff female puppy in Russia. And because of that we went to the Spain and took puppy — Altoaragon Dalida to the our place with us. As she was growing we were feeling in love to such beautiful gigantic dog breed.

And now we are try to make that breed more popular in Russia. We met all pyrenean mastiff’s breeders from Russia. And we also have conversation and meeting with many pyrenean mastiff’s breeders from othe countries.

Now we started to breeding pyrenean mastiffs in Russia. We found the great couple for our Altoaragon Dalida in Finland. It is Taran Maskin Junior Navarro. 

       Our Pyrenean mastiff puppies         from World Champions!

Пиренейский мастиф щенки

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Our Pyrenean Mastiff puppies For Sale:

Male «Balear»

Pyrenean mastiff for sale Pyrenean mastiff for sale 

Pyrenean masiff puppies for sale 

Female «Bony M»

Mastin del pirineo for sale Mastin del pirineo puppies for sale Mastin del pirineo for sale puppies from world champions


Puppies for sale pyrenean mastiff breed

Pyrenean mastiff puppies for sale from world champions


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The perfect news!

Four of our pyrenean mastiff puppies took part in big International Dog Show in Moscow «Eurasia 2018».

And now one of them for sale.

Their results: 

06.05.2018 (Baby class) Judge: Luis Catalan (Portugal).

Bony M — Promising

Pyrenean mastiff puppy for sale

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