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Dear friends and guests, welcome to our website!

Very popular dog breed in Europe and at the same time so rare in Russia not so much time ago subdued us, it is — Pyrenean Mastiff. This is unique dog breed, it combines in itself incompatible:

In character: protection qualities and qualities of companion dog —  Because of that pyrenean mastiffs are good for the families with children and older persons;

In the guise: Power and strength with  grace cats —  Their ability to overcome high altitude and graceful lynx are impressive.

We would like to introduce you with these  gorgeous dogs with the help of our website if you never met them before. Also, we would like to unite lovers and breeders the dog breed — Pyrenean mastiff.

We are sure we have what we could say about and what to share!

Фото пиренейского мастифа Pyrenean mastiff with chaild Pyrenean mastiff

Would you like to buy Pyrenean mastiff puppy?

All Pyrenean mastiff puppies were sold.

Pre-registration opened on the puppies from the future litters! 

For obtaining information about future litters, Pyrenean mastiff puppies and pre-registration complete the form please:


If you interested in purchase young Pyrenean Mastiff dogs which already more formed and which taking the obedience training and ring preparation (for the dog show) courses - We would like to inform you, that sale is carried out on individual conditions.

For obtaining information to contact us, please:

By phone +79527780139

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or on my Facebook page   -  Elena Borisova.

Also we can help you with puppies delivery organization!

Thank you.


пиренейский мастиф

Altoaragon Dalida - our first pyrenean mastiff. She is our pleasure and pride. We brought her, when she was a little to our place from the Pyrenees (Spain, Italy).  And when she was growing we gradually opened the amazing features inherent in these dogs.

      Dalida's personal page

пиренейский мастиф описание породы  

Bernard (Berni) - our big and handsome young boy. He is always attract the eye. He is a favorite of our friends and guests. He is adore hugs and attention.

      Bernard’s personal page

пиренейский мастиф  

Bagira (Bagi) - The most active and quick girl from the our pyrenean mastiffs. She is always ready for  play, ready  to execute the command and go on a trip.

      Bagira's personal page

питомник пиренейских мастифов  

Bella Pure From Aragon (Beya) - Very smart and tender girl. Beya is treating tenderly to children and her owners, but she is serious and alert with strangers.

Beya's personal page

пиренейский мастиф цена  

Bagration (Bagrat) - Expressive boy, honours pupil. He is always try to do everything is better than others, he is very attentive to the owners.

Bagrat's personal page

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